Rhinoceros Success, the secret to charging full speed toward every opportunity is a short book all about your mindset. You are a rhinoceros and you don’t take any bull. You barrel on through every opportunity, wake up early and dominate your life! The book is written by Scott Alexander with a forward by Dave Ramsey. The book is lighthearted and makes some good points, examples: goals, choices and games.

Write down your goals

This point truly helps with your mindset. It forces you to focus. Write down your goals and post them where you have to read them. Put them on your doors, above your pillow or tape them over your phone. Reminding your self of your goals helps keep yourself focused and promotes using time wisely. We all get the same amount of time. We might as well use our time to work and be happy.

Happiness is a choice

You control whether or not you are happy. So take a look in the mirror, brush your teeth, smile and be happy. The world will happen around you and life moves on. What if you made so much money that you paid more in taxes each year than others made all year? We all are gifted to be able to choose how life affects our attitude. You could even play a game to keep you happy!

The traffic stop game

How about the next time you are stopped at a traffic light you stare at another person stopped at the light. Most likely, they will notice and look at you. Next, smile and wave at them! Being outrageously positive does something to your mental state. You will have to read the book to get the point scoring rules.

Rhinoceros Success Summary

Rhinoceros Success is a silly short book with a great message. Keep in mind, it is less than 100 pages so you will finish this quickly. This allows to you to read it again for good laugh and to remind you of how to be a successful rhinoceros. I do recommend this book.

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You can find yourself a copy of Rhinoceros Success here.

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